A Chill In the Air

It won’t be long before we’re deep in the dog days of summer and all the revolting smells that come with it. This time, however, you won’t have to suffer nearly as much as you venture outside of AC territory, because now there’s a scent that recreates that icy blast.

L’Eau Froide, a unisex new perfume from Serge Lutens, uses the invigorating properties of mint for a long-lasting freshness on the skin and a cold, crisp fragrance to boot—more than any Evian spray mist can do. Housed in an Art Deco bottle resembling a hunk of ice, the scent is easy to toss into your bag before heading out into the swampy city. If only everyone on the subway could follow suit.

$150 for 100 ml at Barneys or Serge Lutens (Europe only)

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