Pete Doherty Peddles Amy Winehouse’s Blood

How much would you pay for this painting? What if we told you it was made from fairy dust, unicorn tears, and Amy Winehouse’s blood? Only one of those is true, obvs, if you believe the artist, Pete Doherty. The mercurial musician says he created the work, a portrait of his band The Libertines, with the help of his young son and the late singer, who contributed the small self-portrait on the lower right corner where it says Ladylike (also the title) out of her own blood. Again, according to Doherty.

The piece is expected to command £80,000 when it’s auctioned off later this week at Cob Gallery in London, along with stage outfits, acoustic guitars, diaries, a writing desk, and other items from Doherty’s dubious adventures. Wait, no mixed-media collage of various Kate Moss byproducts?

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