Hint Tip: Chelsea Girls

These days the term Chelsea Girls calls to mind ass-swishing Muscle Marys mincing up and down Eighth Avenue, but back in the day—1966, to be exact—it was Andy Warhol’s greatest film, and has been ever since. Well, we should qualify that by saying it got mostly terrible reviews at the time, but in the decades since it’s achieved a well-earned patina as a kind of historical glimpse into the heyday of the Factory and Chelsea Hotel. Plus it was shot both in color and black-and-white, intended to be shown split-screen, which is pretty cool.

In a rare public appearance, the poet and Warhol Superstar René Ricard will present an even rarer screening of the film at the Anthology Film Center. The only cast member who lived in the hotel at the time, he does so on behalf of the Tenants Association of the Chelsea Hotel. He’ll also discuss the making of the film and its sordid cast of characters—Nico, Ondine, Brigid Berlin, et al—as well as reflect on Warhol’s lasting impact on art and culture. Given that the film alone clocks in at over three hours, the evening requires your complete commitment.

Tuesday, May 1, 7:30 pm, Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street), NYC, $25

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