Nicki Minaj Is Working On a Perfume

These days, pop stars and fragrance deals go together like truth and dare. So when it was announced today that the cartoon-cum-rapper Nicki Minaj has a perfume in the works, no one batted a colored contact. Actually Minaj, who considers herself something of a real-life Barbie, said the scent is being designed especially for her fans, or Barbz, as she calls them.

This is a celebrity whose stage persona, like the exorcism-ready getup she performed in at the Grammys, rivals Lady Gaga, so you have to wonder what in god’s name a Nicki Minaj scent will smell like. We’re gonna go with a top note of melted synthetic hair blended with an overpowering sweetness and a hint of mermaid tail, in homage to her native Trinidad—all wrapped up in a shock-pink bottle.

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