Cochon Ville (Pig City) is the first single from Sébastien Tellier’s new album, My God Is Blue, and this uncensored video is like watching ironic French disco porn—if there is such a thing, and surely there is. Slow-motion boobage bouncing, clothes falling away from nubile bodies, a bit of foot-sucking and spanking, a milk bath, doggy-style, what look like butt-rockets, and a close-up of back-of-balls—it’s all there. We even see the artist without his signature shades. There is a dark side, too, with shadowy figures in hoods and scenes of punching and choking, all while Tellier looks on, grinning like a cult leader. Directed by Alexandre Courtès (Justice, White Stripes, U2), the video culminates in Tellier himself achieving a kind of climax as gold confetti showers down on the crowd, which by this point is jumping up and down in a naked frenzy.

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