A Store Is Born: American Two Shot

Taking a shot of coffee and a gamble at reinventing the somewhat moribund model of a concept store, two childhood friends originally from Miami—artist Olivia Wolfe and Steph Krasnoff, formerly of Theory—have opened American Two Shot, Soho’s newest retail space and teenage hangout.

“We carry whatever we love,” Wolfe told Hint, “which seems to be a lot of young New York designers, many of whom are our friends.” Hanging from walls and along racks, stacked in antique display cases, and dotted all around the store are those lovingly acquired items, everything from Timo Weiland and J. Lindeberg’s BLK DNM to Porter Grey and vintage Vans. All of which is mixed in with vintage pieces, stationery, jewelry, and books, including a limited-edition Ryan McGinley find.

ATS takes its name from the term “two shot,” a photographic technique of “capturing two subjects in one frame,” explains Wolfe. “One is closer to and one is further from the camera. It’s called a two shot, and it reflects our attempt to bring different styles, elements and ideas into one space.” Living up to that concept, they’ve invited Nicaraguan coffee enthusiast César Vèga, who used to bike-deliver his special roasts around town, to man a coffee bar inside the store, the Café Integral.

With easily removable furnishings and rearrangeable stock, the store is perfect for holding parties and events. “Now that we’re open, we’re taking the focus beyond just product,” Wolfe continued. “We want to open the space up as often as possible, whether that’s a film screening, trunk show, a drawing class or anything in between.”

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