Money Where Your Mouse Is: re.porter

As the period-punctuated, lower-case name suggests, re.porter is an online consignment store for men of the avant-garde persuasion. And here’s how you know you’re dealing with a very specific sliver of the avant-garde. When founder Graham Newmarch selects items to resell, “People either email me pictures of their items,” he says, “or simply describe the item to me. They’ll say things like ‘Julius gun holster lamb-leather jacket’ and I’ll know exactly what it is.” If you, too, know exactly what that is, you may have found your bliss.

Other designers on the calm, quiet e-store include Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell (apparently very difficult to acquire), Obscur, Label Under Construction, Damir Doma, Undercover, and Helmut Lang (the original, as if you had to ask). Prices are approximately half off retail, and since most of these items are meant to look worn-in and/or deconstructed anyway, it’s like buying new.

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