Helmut Newton and His Nudes

More than other photographers, the late Helmut Newton was known for his lush books of photographs, among them the truly enormous SUMO, described by its publisher Taschen as “the biggest and most expensive book production in the 20th century.” It’s so big it comes a stand of its own. Another of his books, Big Nudes, is also notorious, for obvious reasons. Heroic nudity was his thing, mixed in with fashion when required.

Now, following—but not associated with—the massive Helmut Newton exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris, a smaller exhibit, White Women/Sleepless Nights/Big Nudes, combines the images from his first three books into one show. The publications have seen many reprints and hundreds of thousands of copies sold, but never have they been juxtaposed side by side in a gallery space. 

White Women/Sleepless Nights/Big Nudes, Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin. Opens in early summer—stay tuned.

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