Going Home with Sean Avery

We’re all voyeurs these days. The craze for invading people’s homes with a camera crew has made us that way, demanded it of us. So it’s with some trepidation that we linked to such an invasion of Sean Avery’s apartment on Lifestyle Mirror, the “instantly shoppable website” where you can buy the things you see in the story.

You’ll recall, Avery is the New York Ranger (that’s hockey) and former Vogue intern who seems equally at ease goading other players for dating his conquests as guest-judging runway looks on Project Runway. We wondered, would he sneer at us from his Soho bachelor pad and make us feel awkward by wearing stained sweats, or would he slip on a tie and give us fabulous style tips?

The answer: tie and style tips. Useful tips, too, like “No matter what you buy…I think the most important thing is just making sure the clothes fit. Usually a good sign of that is having your clothes feel a tad bit uncomfortable—that’s always the best rule.” He even offers up a recipe—in true Martha Stewart style—stepping into the kitchen to make a pot of Sean’s Beans and Dogs. Sloppy seconds? Why, sure.

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