Money Where Your Mouse Is: 3939

Nestled in a cozy corner of Kingsland Road sits the Japanese-inspired concept store 3939. Pronounced “thank you thank you,” the store takes its name from the numbers 3 and 9, which translates to “san ku” in Japanese, and which, spoken at tongue-twisting speed, sounds a lot like “thank you thank you.” Obscure, yes, but at least it’s polite.

Founded by Tatsuo Hino, his girlfriend Pippa Greenbank, and his ex-colleague from Dazed & Confused, Peter Stitson, 3939 sets out to combine art, fashion, and home things in a new environment. “We do what we like without following trends or what’s perceived as cool and just hope that there are people out there who like our tastes,” Hino told Hint. With London-based set designer and fashion favorite Gary Card designing the store’s Christmas decorations and Daytrip’s Ian Halsted the shop’s interior, 3939 may not be following trends, but the trends are following them.

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