Keeping Up With the Karlisms

Karl Lagerfeld is on a roll. One day after obliquely admiring Japanese people for the “beauty you get from junk food,” he took aim across the ocean at Tina Brown’s Newsweek. During a press conference in Tokyo, where he’s launching a book of photographs and re-staging Chanel spring couture show, the dagger-drawn designer said…

“First of all, Tina Brown’s magazine is not doing well at all. [It] is dying. I’m sorry for Tina Brown, who was such a success at Vanity Fair, to go down with a shitty little paper like this. I’m sorry.”

The comment was made in reference to, and retribution for, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robin Givhan’s recent article in the magazine questioning if Lagerfeld is “overrated.” Judging from his vitriol, you’d think the story was a grossly exaggerated hack job. Rather, it was a well-reasoned, mostly favorable article weighing the current influence of the super-couturier and public figure. Lagerfeld’s sneer points to the fragile civility between creatives and their critics.

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