Hint Tip: United Colors of Benetton

Even after decades years of ruffling feathers with provocative ad campaigns—such as an image resembling pietà of a man dying of AIDS, a collage of multi-ethnic genitals, the bloodied shirt and pants of a soldier killed in the Bosnian War—Benetton can still inspire shock and outrage.

But while its upcoming exhibit at the Design Museum in London won’t be as shocking or outrageous as a recent campaign image of Barack Obama locking lips with Hugo Chavez, it may still inspire. The show, Happiness and Other Survival Techniques, draws from Benetton’s magazine Colors and its new trilogy of subtitles—Happiness, Shit, Transport—created to elicit smirks.

The 10-day exhibit will be simultaneously presented at Benetton Icon Stores in London, Milan, Barcelona and Paris, where, on walls of monitors, video projections and animations will take visitors on “an unpredictable journey through our habits and contradictions: an unusual and authentic world, as only reality can ever be.”

Happiness and Other Survival Techniques
April 3-13, 2012
London Design Museum
28 Shad Thames
London SE1 2YD

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