Who Will Alexsandro Palombo Lampoon Next?

The man behind the blog Humor Chic and self-proclaimed father of fashion satire, Alexsandro Palombo illustrates fashion’s untouchables in compromising positions (think Marc Jacobs perusing gay porn while sitting on the pot, or Anna Wintour smoking a blunt in a reggae-striped hat).

Now it seems he’s back with more good-natured roasting. Today we got an email announcing “the forthcoming publication of the first ‘SECRET BOOK’…a provocative cocktail of humor, surprises, vision, genius and madness.” No further details were given, leaving us to merely speculate about the bushy-browed mystery man behind the keyhole. In the meantime, enjoy these images from Palombo’s last limited-edition book, Karl Lagerfeld: Vision of a Funeral…

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