Dior’s New Look—Online

Everyone loves a good comeback, the fashion flock included. And no one could use a comeback right now more than the house of Dior. After a volatile year following the sudden ousting of designer John Galliano for his now-infamous rant, the famed brand has been making strides to regain its stature. First came the inside hiring of Bill Gaytten as the man in charge, who previously played second fiddle to Galliano, and nabbing the universally adored Marion Cotillard for another round of campaign duties.

Now Dior is expanding its social media horizons with DiorMag.com. While the new venture has only a few articles currently posted, it looks to be a new way to experience the brand on an editorial level. From info on their latest collections to little-known tidbits about Christian Dior’s life, the online magazine is not only entertaining, but educational. We’re rooting for you, Dior.

Visit DiorMag.com

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