It’s Terryworld, We Just Live In It

The artwork took second billing to Hollywood hoopla at Terrywood, Terry Richardson’s first Los Angeles showing, at Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran’s OHWOW Gallery. And to be sure nobody missed it, a Terrywood sign was erected on the gallery’s rooftop and searchlights crisscrossed the night sky. The show attracted enough of a scene that a line snaked down La Cienega.

And what of the art? Well, peering around the Hilton sisters, we caught a photo of In ‘N’ Out burgers piled high. Behind James Franco, a row of Oscar statuettes wearing Richardson’s signature frames. And over there by Tom Ford, the neon girls of a strip-club sign deconstructed and removed of context. If Jared Leto would just move over a bit, lips, lots and lots of lips.

The show was about the ephemera of Hollywood. Despite its equally renowned grime, Richardson has sought the shine of Tinseltown, a place where he grew up. We asked him what his favorite thing about Hollywood actually was. Richardson, pausing and inadvertently turning his back on the rowdy OddFuture gang, who very nearly pushed him into his own art, said, “Quotes tomorrow.” Then, gesturing to his head, “I can’t think right now.” No worries, Terry. Catch you later at the Chateau.

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