Walter Van Beirendonck Closes His Antwerp Store

His was one of the first concept stores, like so much of what he does, but now Walter Van Beirendonck is shuttering his Antwerp location after 13 years. Another victim of the most annoying global recession ever? No, not exactly. The Belgian designer, who’s in a dispute with the building’s owner, says he’s “forced” to close because the rent is more than doubling. Nice.

But don’t worry about Van Beirendonck, one of the illustrious Antwerp Six. His colorful, ethno-orgasmic men’s line will continue unaffected—probably with renewed gusto—and he’s still basking in the institutional glow of a solo retrospective at MoMu Antwerp. Plus, don’t forget he’s the creative director of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. “There are a number of new challenges ahead of me,” he says. “And I am not ruling out the creation of a new concept store.”

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