As Preen is a joint operation between designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi that brings with it a balance of opposing forces—masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft—the unveiling of the fall collection begged a few questions: Is there, indeed, a creative tug-of-war? And, if so, who’s winning?

In arguably Preen’s most sophisticated lineup to date, it appeared all compromise had gone out the window in favor of the strictly prim, pretty and anti-punk. Buttoned-up garden nymphs opened the show donning botanical-print blouses, day-to-night dresses and pencil skirts accented by blocks of coral, fern green and milky paillettes. The darker, tattoo-like graphics at the end, however, veered into more familiar territory.

Falling between the two extremes was a selection of separates awash in streaks of cobalt and bronze, as though they’d been caught in a paint fight. It’s not always pretty when creative minds clash, so lets not call it a clash. Harmony, perhaps?

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