Moncler Grenoble

Sunday’s dusting of snow on Central Park provided the perfect backdrop for Moncler Grenoble’s wintery presentation at the Wollman Rink. Show-goers huddled together over hot spiked cider and mulled wine with their eyes glued to the empty ice-skating rink, illuminated in red, white and blue beneath the stunning Manhattan skyline, wondering what the ski brand would offer in its latest flash-mob style fashion show.

It opened with pairs of skaters in white jackets with fur trim in all the expected places (hoods), plus jackets with fully inlaid fur chests. As the ice filled with skaters of all ages, the collection’s colorway emerged: red, white and a dusty blue reminiscent of the collection’s retro, 1960s inspiration. Details were impossible to catch as the skaters sped by to the sound of the Harlem’s Gospel for Teens, but a sweater with an oversized leopard print in red, black and white caught the eye.

The press release revealed that, as usual, the brand is working with the most innovative high-performance fabrics, including waterproof fleece-lined sweaters and cozy cocoon coats that allow movement and warmth, while keeping a slim silhouette.

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