Get a Whiff of This: L’Eau de Chloé

After its creation in 2008, it didn’t take long for L’Eau de Chloé, the house’s signature scent, to rocket into classic status. The rosy, instantly recognizable scent now plays favorite to seemingly every girly girl and her entourage.

Still not satisfied, apparently, Chloé’s go-to nose Michel Almairac went back to the lab, played around, and tweaked the beloved original—just a little bit. With rose water, a citrus harmony and a hint of patchouli, the new l’eau (available in March) is even fresher, airier and more carefree.

In other words, the perfect fragrance for springtime frolic. And judging by this behind-the-scenes look at Mario Sorrenti’s campaign video with model and actress Camille Rowe (the print images were photographed by Camilla Akrans), it might just make you, too, want to scamper through a grassy meadow under a clear blue sky. Go ahead, we won’t tell.

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