Blood Is Thicker than Eau du Parfum

We’ve all heard of those wackadoodle diets customized to your blood type. Now comes Blood Concept, a new line of perfumes that wants to be very clear what their scents are not made from: flowers (there’s no shortage of that on the market). But they’re a lot less clear what they do use. Vampire freaks can calm down; we’re pretty sure it would be illegal to use blood.

The unisex fragrances come in four familiar types, each packaged in a silver laboratory-like dropper, but all quite different from each other. There’s A (“green, nature-inspired”), B (“woody, spicy”), AB (“synthetic, individualist”), and finally O (“visceral, carnal”). Not sure what type you are? Sample them all with their Compatability Test. You won’t even have to look at a needle.

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