No One Parties Like Riccardo Tisci

After the Givenchy men’s show, word on the street was, literally: “Where’s the party?” The answer, ironically: Silencio. Which made for a door scene so chaotic that David Lynch himself had to come out and hold court, handpicking those worthy of entering his opulent nightclub-cum-Garden-of-Eden.

Inside was chaos, too, but of the good kind. Making sure of it were hosts Ladyfag, Catherine Baba, Seva Granik, Josh Wood, Jerome Puch, while making sure heels were perpetually in the air were DJs Honey Dijon and Marcelo Burlon. But the highlight of the evening had to be Riccardo Tisci dancing the night away by the DJ booth and beaming like he’d staged a triumphant fashion show or something.

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