Fashion Facts You Won’t Find on Wikipedia Today

You might be surprised how many times a day you jump to Wikipedia for quick info. Today, however, in protest of two overreaching and misnamed bills making their way through Congress—Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA)—Wikipedia staged a 24-hour blackout of all its English pages, except this one that explains why the two pieces of legislation are so insidious and regressive. (Hint: they have more to do with protecting corporate interests than intellectual property.)

So, here are some of the things you won’t be able to find on Wikipedia today—or possibly ever, since we have no idea if they existed on Wiki at all…

  • Is it true that Miuccia Prada studied to become a mime?
    – What’s the difference between herringbone and houndstooth?
    – Did Anna Wintour have a tryst with Bob Marley?
    – Why shouldn’t designers look up to Margaret Thatcher?
    – Is couture really dead?
    – What happened between Marc Jacobs and Perry Ellis?
    – Who killed Maurizio Gucci?
    – Can I buy Vivienne Westwood while subscribing to her anti-consumption ethics?
    – How many decades younger is Calvin Klein’s boyfriend?
    – Where does Think Pink come from?
    – By how much was Gisele Bundchen the highest-paid model last year?
    – Is H&M going to save or destroy fashion as we know it?
    – Does a Made In Italy label mean made in China and assembled in Italy?
    – How many designers have had tofu pies hurled at them by PETA?
    – Which designers have declined John Galliano’s spot at Dior?

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