Hint Tip: Ouattara Watts

On February 7, Vladimir “son-of-Carine, brother-of-Julia” Restoin-Roitfeld will launch an exhibition of artist Ouattara Watts, thus kicking off Fashion Week once again and suggesting his impeccable fashion timing is not accidental, but drilled into him from a young age, alongside his ABCs.

Since stepping into the art world in 2009, the budding curator has worked largely outside the traditional gallery mode, scooping up overlooked artists from the ’80s and betting on a comeback. But instead of opening a space of his own, a prohibitively expensive venture, Restoin-Roitfeld has dipped into his Rolodex, partnering with cashed-up luxury brands—Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani—for a series of pop-up exhibitions. It’s a recipe for buzz and glitterati, even in the unlikely event that only his style-entrenched family and girlfriend attend.

Born in the Ivory Coast, Ouattara Watts first came to New York in 1988 on the advice of friend and fellow artist Jean-Michel Basquiat; the stylistic similarities are unmistakable. For those interested in viewing the neo-expressionist works while not under the influence of champers and chatty friends, the exhibition will run through February 19 at 560 Washington Street, Door 37E—an ideal spot for popping in between shows.

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