The Spirit of Punk Infiltrates the National English Ballet

Monarchical rule is so 1810, but thankfully not all British institutions are so removed from the cutting edge. Last we checked with the revered English National Ballet, they were fraternizing with Christian Louboutin over a pair of heeled ballet shoes so tall they would give even urban climber Alain Robert pause.

This year the ENB has recruited Fashion Week favorite Kinder Aggugini to be the costume designer for its upcoming production of The Rite of Spring. And frankly, they’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better candidate. Aggugini has previously worked with John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, whose theatrical brand of buccaneer punk has laid the groundwork for the young designer’s own aesthetic—”Coco Chanel marries Sid Vicious,” as he calls it.

Choreographed by Sir Kenneth Macmillan, the ballet company’s high-octane interpretation of Stravinsky’s famous piece places a strong emphasis on the outfits’ practicality and ease of movement, traits not especially associated with ballet. But Aggugini is confident he’s up to the challenge, saying, “I guess it’s like designing a Batman outfit. It’s the resurgence of an iconic work of art.” Bravo.

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