Isaac Mizrahi Reveals Marital Bliss

Congratulations are in order for Isaac Mizrahi, who divulged on the Wendy Williams Show his recent nuptials with longtime partner Arnold Germer, all but blinding the audience with a diamond wedding ring the size of a house. Wendy summoned the “ring cam” while Isaac beamed from ear to ear and the audience erupted in oohs and aahs and aws like only a union between two cuddly gay guys can elicit. There’s an unzipped joke in there somewhere, but we’re going to leave it well enough alone.

Of course, this being Wendy’s show, you’re assured to learn as much about Wendy’s marriage as Isaac’s. Fortunately, one tidbit about her special day in 1988 is actually fascinating. Guess who the officiator was? Grace Jones’ brother. There’s a bumper joke in there somewhere, but…yeah.

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