Hint Tip: James Reeve for Dries Van Noten

Back in 2008, Dries Van Noten was dominating fashion with his unique blend of floral and watercolor. In the past few years, we’ve seen the venerable Van Noten expand his garden-friendly prints into graphic lines, abstract shapes, and sharp angles. It’s no surprise then that the Belgian designer has expanded his audience from the eccentric artisan to the stylish urbanite. A perfect example is his spring collection, in which he engages the eye with nighttime imagery. Streetlights, power lines, and distant landscapes lend themselves effortlessly to Van Noten’s pin-tucked cocktail dresses and elongated tees.

The photographs that make up the prints come courtesy of James Reeve, a favorite of Van Noten’s since coming across his work at the Hyères festival in the south of France, the year he was a guest judge. Following the catwalk, Dries Van Noten is taking the partnership a step further, showcasing Reeve’s images of Beirut, Marseilles, and London in several of his boutiques, as well as Joyce Gallery in Paris, where both garments and photos will be displayed. In a season when everyone is doing digitally generated prints, leave it to Van Noten to give it art and soul.

Joyce Gallery
168-173 Galerie de Valois
Paris 75001
Exhibition: January 7-26
Opening: January 12, 6:30-8:30 pm

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