Hint Tip: Hahn-Bin

What do you get when you take a classical-musical phenom, add a little Gareth Pugh aesthetic and sprinkle on the contents of a drag queen’s make-up kit? Violin prodigy Hahn-Bin, that’s who.

The 24-year-old Korean-American, who made his debut at the young age of 12, already boasts quite a resume. Having graced the stage at Carnegie Hall and the Musee de Louvre, not to mention blue-chip fashion shows and parties, Hahn-Bin currently has the creative world’s full attention. Combining any number of eye-popping visuals and citing Maria Callas and Andy Warhol as influences, the whiz kid cultivates a look and sound all his own. Intrigued? You should be.

His newest show, Till Dawn Sunday, opens at Joe’s Pub on Friday, January 6, and continues throughout the U.S. and on to London in April. Will we catch a glimpse of him at Fashion Week next month? You better believe it.

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