Sponsored: Sk:n Clinics

Tis the season for banishing winter skin blues and perking up tired-looking skin. Botox may be the answer. At Sk:n, we’re proud to be the first network of clinics added to the IHAS’s ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ register. With over 20 years experience in treating lines and wrinkles, our experts are trained to inject Botox correctly so that the skin looks relaxed and refreshed, not stiff and expressionless.

Botox prices should not be your only consideration when deciding on where to have the treatment done. As Botox involves the injection of a purified form of the toxin Botulinum, you should only trust a skilled professional, like those at our clinics. For UK readers, Sk:n clinics is offering 25% off Botox procedures.

We also understand that in this financial climate our customers must manage their money smartly. That is why we’re offering 0% financing and special Botox pricing through the year. Don’t compromise quality for cost.

Readers outside the UK can find sk:n’s range of skincare products in health and beauty stores worldwide.

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