Hooked: MYKITA & Moncler

In 1954, two fearless Italians became the first men to conquer K2—the second-highest mountain in the world—equipped with a few scant supplies, including oxygen, climbing spikes, mountaineer goggles and specially made jackets by Moncler. Their can-do spirit informs a new collaboration between Moncler, makers of down jackets celebrated the world over, and the Berlin-based eyewear label MYKITA. Two sunglass styles hark back to the rounded, rugged look of the day, but gone are the clunky metal rims and leather side pieces, replaced with an extra light and durable material developed by MYKITA called MYLON. Breathe on the lenses and you’ll reveal another surprise, the MYKITA & Moncler logo.

$730 at MYKITA and Moncler stores worldwide, available today through June 2012 in red and blue—the colors of Moncler’s original down jackets—as well as black, for those who prefer streets to slopes.

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