Mario Testino, Interrupted (by a Streaker)

While the Turner Prize has certainly seen enough controversy to summon a fleet of rosary-clutching grandmothers—from Tracy Emin’s tampon-studded duvet to blow-jobbing blow-up dolls to Madonna’s anarchistic F-bomb—the British award is more than a breeding ground for caricatured pretension. Easily the most prestigious art award in existence, the Turner canonizes some of the most groundbreaking artists of our time: Wolfgang Tillmans, Antony Gormley, and Damient Hirst, to name only three.

This year’s winner is Glaswegian sculptor Martin Boyce, whose installation Do Words Have Voices narrowly beat out acclaimed painter George Shaw’s entry, earning top honors for re-envisioning the public park, complete with aluminum foliage, misshapen trash cans—and a chubby streaker in a pink tutu.

The offender, 46-year-old Mark Roberts, barreled past an astonished Mario Testino just as he was naming the winner of the Turner Prize on live British television. Fortunately, Boyce appeared nonplussed by the intrusion. And apparently, so was Roberts. “It’s the pinnacle of my career,” the self-professed serial gatecrasher was quoted as saying before being bundled offstage by security.

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