Gaga’s Workshop Is Like NY’s Own Gay Day at Disney World

Of course last night’s launch of Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York, a clever twist on Santa’s Workshop, wasn’t going to be your average ribbon-cutting ceremony. Amid Little Monsters growling and rearing claw hands, giant blow-ups worthy of a parade float, a doorway in the shape of the punky popstar’s lipsticked mouth, and nimble dancers twirling atop specially deco-wrapped taxis, Lady Gaga finally emerged. She had in her hands a crazy Flintstones-esque pair of scissors and snipped said ribbon, with Nicola Formichetti standing at a safe distance.

That’s when the shopping spectacle hit full-tilt. Neil Patrick Harris, Alan Cumming, Prabal Gurung, a bevy of drag queens, and assorted VIPS—having already had their heads collectively explode with the unveiling of the themed street windows (Gaga’s Boudoir, Gaga’s Crystal Cave, Gaga’s Machine)—filed in and had their way with all manner of Gaga-approved stocking stuffers. But this was a guilt-free extravaganza, as a quarter of proceeds will go toward Gaga’s new foundation, Born This Way, which focuses on youth empowerment and equality. If it sounds like Gay Day at Disney World, it sort of was.

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