The Standard Hotel Opens Its Ice Skating Rink

Ice skating in Central Park is an idyllic vision entertained by tourists. New Yorkers know it’s way cuter to fall flat on your ass at the Standard Ice Rink, now open for its second year. Located just outside of one of Manhattan’s favorite hotels, the button-sized rink makes for an ideal spot to eat, drink, and be merry. An après skate menu featuring spiked hot chocolate, spiced cider, and delicious crepes and waffles all but guarantees it.

Best of all, the rink will stay open till the wee hours from now through the rest of winter. No word yet if the new East Village Standard will also have a ice rink. If it does, they may want to familiarize themselves with scraping up frozen junkie puke and fending off mobs of drunk, pants-less Santas.

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