Daphne Guinness Cites Pigeon Blood as Inspiration for Her New MAC Line

Following collaborations with chameleons Cindy Sherman and Gareth Pugh, as well as that ultimate self-as-concept star, Lady Gaga, MAC is now partnering with one of the last enigmas left standing, Daphne Guinness.

As she toiled in her home away from home, the Beverly Hills hotel, the fright-haired heiress was very hands-on during the creation of the 24-piece collection, due out December 26. For the range of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and nail polish, she reportedly drew inspiration from pigeon blood, porcelain Chinese vessels, and the way a butterfly’s wings resemble deep space, among other bonkers ideas from the deep recesses of her imagination. Dark, complicated, and affected, yes—but the results might just surprise you. Pastel pinks and plums are teamed with seafoam, shimmering nude and other universally appealing shades.

How roadkill can transform into pretty, we don’t know, but sign us up.

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