Miranda July Is Productive Even When She Procrastinates

Miranda July is the kind of post-ironic artist, meta-sardonic author and anti-formulaic screenwriter you wish you could have with you at all times, regaling you with wit and snark at your every whim and mere hint of a frowny face. She’s like Marina Abramovic, Tina Fey, and Amy Sedaris all rolled into one petite, curly-haired smartass from Berkeley.

The next best thing to being besties with Miranda July is reading her books. Her latest, It Chooses You, took shape in 2009, when, stricken with a nasty case of procrastination, she began fixating on the cheap secondhand knickknacks she saw in PennySaver classifieds. And so, accompanied by photographer Brigitte Sire, she set out across Los Angeles to meet random PennySaver sellers and document, via interviews and photos, what led them to unload, say, deer hooves for $15.

Partners & Spade will hold a book signing and pop-up “store” with these items on November 17, 6-9 pm, 40 Great Jones Street, New York

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