Artist Marc Quinn Collaborates with Selfridges

Marc Quinn is living proof that genius starts from within. Here’s a man whose obsession with identity and human anatomy gave rise to a sculpture made from 4.5 liters of his own frozen blood—a gambit worthy of Angelina and Billy Bob—as well as a now-infamous gold statue of Kate Moss in a compromising yoga position.

Quinn—a Cambridge graduate and standout member of the YBA movement—is no less dexterous with more commercial items. He’s lent his talents to an exclusive commission of T-shirts, accessories, and artwork for Selfridges. The result is a high-low hodgepodge of temporary tattoos, limited-edition bronze sculptures, and white-gold accessories starting at £7,000—things you’d be hard-pressed to find alongside your Marks & Sparks pralines under Auntie Nancy’s tree.

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