The Esoteric Tradition Is Alive and Well in Germany

You can count on Germans to be esoteric. Take, for example, howitzweissbach, a tongue-twisting new line from Leipzig-based designers Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach, who come out with collections whenever they feel like it, thankyouverymuch. Their latest, High Class Robbery, plays with proportion and transparency, and comes with a list of rules, among them “Speak little or incoherently, as it suggests depth of thought” and “A slight stiffness of neck can be very advantageous for your posture.”

While you chew on that, know that every howitzweissbach garment and accessory—i.e. shoes, socks, bags, scarves—are produced in the Ore Mountains in the Saxony region, where a textile industry has existed for centuries.