March of the Gay Penguins

Buddy and Pedro are African penguins at the Toronto Zoo. Back in May, the young bachelors arrived from zoos in the U.S., soon engaging in mating behaviors and, from the looks of this video, hot tux-on-tux love. If the cage is rocking, don’t come squawking.

But now zookeepers have announced plans to separate the two and breed them with females in a “species survival plan among zoos,” according to the Toronto Star. Okay, we get that the penguins are endangered and that these studs have fabulous genes, but they’re practically a married couple already. Ask any human female, just taking a gay guy out and showing him a good time isn’t going to turn him straight, no matter how tufty your tail is. So c’mon, Toronto Zoo, don’t make us get all Andrew Cuomo on you.

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