Courtney Love’s Pill Bottles As Art

As if there weren’t enough reasons to rubberneck at the lovable train wreck that is Courtney Love, now the apparent contents of what would seem to be her very large medicine cabinet have been revealed. Artists Katie Heffelfinger and Jed Miner, aka Occupy the Art World, claim they found 57 used pill bottles belonging to the scandal-prone songstress outside a storage facility, along with financial records, letters she wrote to various celebrities and her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Heffelfinger and Miner told Paper they tried to return the items, but attempts to contact Love’s reps were unsuccessful. Clearly the only logical thing to do at that point was create an art installation and display it among the secondhand vinyl vendors at WFMU Record Fair last week. In case you missed it and care to know what meds she’s popping, allegedly, the assemblage will go on view later this month in Gallery Walks. “Some people are scared Courtney will come and physically attack us,” said Miner. “We are prepared for that. Katie is a mud wrestling champion.”

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