Still Seditious, Vivienne Westwood Attends Occupy London

In last week’s high-octane episode of Occupy London, the protesters at St. Paul’s faced the threat of eviction by local authorities. That’s what erecting tents and flying banners will get you. And still, as if August’s riots portended it, the people were finding a voice, or at least fewer JD Sports outlets. And it seems their efforts have started to pay off. Word on the street is that the movement has now been given leave to continue until the New Year.

But no stirring saga is complete without a surprise cameo, in this case by one of Britain’s feistiest curmudgeons. Vivienne Westwood was earlier sighted among the cathedral grounds, accompanied by her two sons, Ben and Joseph. The designer reportedly appeared enthusiastic about the goings-on at St. Paul’s and expressed an interest in contributing further to the cause. “It’s important to show solidarity, so there are numbers there,” Ben explained. “People should stay there until something really changes. It shows people are not subjects of the state. It shows they can play a part in world affairs.” Whether or not these stout-hearted scions have enough pluck between them to broker a truce with Cameron & Co. is another story altogether. But for now at least, Viva la Vivienne!

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