Hooked: Waris Ahluwalia Scarves

How many ways can you make a scarf? At least four. That’s the number of sumptuous scarves in an artisanal—actually artisanal—new collection from Waris Ahluwalia, he of fine-and-funky jewelry and Himalayan tea. Yes, he has a line of tea, go figure.

First up, cashmere scarves, each one woven the way it should be, exclusively from Kashmiri goats that, safe in their mountain crags, grow a long and soft undercoat so that we don’t have to. To create his batik shawls in silk and cotton, Ahluwalia spent months roaming rural India in search of a family renowned for their skill in the ancient technique of waxing and dyeing. Meanwhile, hand-dye (aka tie-dye) scarves are created in the same Rajasthan village, where women fold and knot cotton silk “in the most careful and intricate of ways before dipping in dye,” says Ahluwalia. “The end result is a specific and always varied pattern that we have worked on for months and months.” Screen-printing pretty much speaks for itself, except here, again, handmade—hand-rolled, to be exact—in India for a more vibrant color and unique feel.

So there you have it, a mini-history of scarf-making, all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

$295 – 1,495 at Barneys New York, Barneys Beverly Hills and Barneys.com

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