Milan Fashion Week Picks a Fight with London

As early as it may seem, as we’re just finishing the Paris spring ’12 collections, now is the time for the powers-that-be to determine the Fashion Week schedule for spring ’13. The all-important Paris dates have already been set, but news coming out of Milan is causing fashionable jaws to drop. It’s just been announced that Milan Fashion Week will take place a week earlier than usual, overlapping a little with New York but—here’s the kicker—falling squarely at the same time as the London collections would occur.

While some may cheer at the thought of a shorter Fashion Month, as it were, if Milan and London were to happen simultaneously, the clash would certainly mean lower attendance by editors and buyers at both, which would translate to less press and lower sales. In response, the British Fashion Council has said, ever politely, that they are working with their fashionable neighbors to come to a resolution. But clearly this is a power play by Milan. Your move, London. 

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