Miharayasuhiro and Paolo Roversi Give New Life to Shakespeare’s Ophelia

For spring, Miharayasuhiro’s Mihara Yasuhiro was inspired by Ophelia, the guileless love interest in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, Hamlet, who succumbs to madness and drowns in an apparent suicide. Floaty fabrics and dreamy silhouettes conjure the timeless romance but also a feeling of evanescence, alluding to the transience of love and life.

To realize his vision, Yasuhiro collaborated with renowned photographer Paolo Roversi and the motion-graphic geniuses at WOW to produce an interactive photo installation, Ophelia Has a Dream, shown at the Louvre’s Carrousel during Paris Fashion Week. We caught up with Roversi for his take on the haunting image…

Hint: What appealed to you about the project?
Paolo Roversi: Fashion photography is such a huge part of my life. It’s always moving, always changing with me. What I love about it is the teamwork, all these beautiful people around me. I’m very lucky. So it’s not just my photo, it’s also Mihara’s and the beautiful girl’s. The project seemed very new and exciting. I was excited for it.

How did the collaboration between you and Mihara come about?
By chance, like everything in life! One day, Mihara asked me to take pictures of his collection, and I liked his work immediately. It was new and interesting and romantic. I loved the textures, and the jackets and dresses. It was very sophisticated but then broken with new ideas and life.

What is it about Ophelia?
I always loved Ophelia, her movement and elegance. She’s an emblem of so many things; love, life, death. And in the image you don’t know whether she’s alive or dead. It’s a mystery. 

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