Now Alexander Wang Has Been Floated for the Dior Job

Have we finally reached the point where we can all admit that when it comes to who’s replacing John Galliano at Dior, no one has a clue? After a few logical names were thrown into the ring (Haider Ackermann, Riccardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs), it seems the industry has resorted to pulling names out of a hat. Today, for instance, a report circulated that Alexander Wang is being considered for the position.

Why is this highly unlikely? Where to begin? Wang is currently generating a small fortune with his contemporary New York label and probably not in a position to split his time with a Paris couture house. Also, are we supposed to ignore the fact that he has zero experience in couture, a major prerequisite for the title? Not to mention Wang’s aesthetic couldn’t be further from the Christian Dior look.

It’s an intriguing idea, and it’s quite likely he’s met with LVMH about the job, but c’mon. Next we’ll reading that Victoria Beckham is in the running for Dior.

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