Hedi Slimane Strikes Back at the New York Post

As if Murdoch needed any more headaches, big or small, Hedi Slimane is taking issue with a recent item in the New York Post. During Fashion Week, the tabloid spotted ever-blunt Courtney Love at the Edun collection and quizzed her about her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Referring to personally commissioned portraits Slimane took of the spotlight-shy teen, Love said, “She hated [the way it was handled]. Hedi wasn’t supposed to leak it.” Which hasn’t been our experience with the former Dior and YSL men’s designer, who we know to be very courteous and thoughtful. So it came as no surprise to see his response on Twitter: “Hedi S. accepted [the commission] under the condition portraits were to be posted on his diary, as always…The New York Post allegations about the conditions of publication on HedSlimane.com are therefore totally and surprisingly incorrect.” So there.

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