Marc Jacobs

Because of a last-minute scheduling change due to Hurricane Irene (or perhaps those all-but-confirmed Dior rumors, cough cough?), Marc Jacobs kept the fashion world waiting a few days longer for his show Thursday night.

And what a show it was. The bare lightbulbs, wood beams, and gold-curtain staging had the crowd that filed into the Lexington Armory guessing as to the theme. Was he going Western? Moulin Rouge? Cabaret? Jazz club? The answer: all of the above, and probably more.

As Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach wafted through the room, the curtain was lifted on the cast of models, frozen Bob Fosse-style, in various poses on wooden chairs. Then, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it parade of shine, paillettes, plastic, and pastel gingham zipped past on flapper dresses, cropped jackets, button-downs, kerchiefs, and strangely crumpled trash-bag skirts. Transparent cowboy boots, two-toned penny loafers and bowling bags also made an appearance, as did a sporty zip-up track jacket and sweatshirts.

And just as quickly as it had started at 8:30, by 8:37pm it was all over, leaving everyone in a daze, as per usual after a Marc Jacobs show. And here we are a day later, still scratching our heads.

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