Jeremy Scott

If spring turns out to be anything like Jeremy Scott’s spring collection, we’re in for one hell of a good time. The show, called Lust in the Dust, was a shoot-’em-up, wild-west-inspired hoedown of festive tube dresses, pink gun holsters, cactus and cow prints, fringed boleros, washed denim and assless chaps.

Scott has had a long tradition of practicing irreverence and playfulness. As he’d say, if you’re not having fun and feeling sexy every time you walk out the door, you’re doing something wrong. This season, as bright colors and dizzying prints have ruled the runways, it seems others have finally caught on. So give conservative fashion the middle finger because the only silhouette these days is your own. It’s time to retire seriousness, box up the black once and for all, and head to the sexy hayride in the mustang ranch of your imagination. Keep it tight, keep it fun, bang bang!

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