Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy evoked a certain Impressionist’s mindscape for their lush, instantly classic Rodarte collection. At the first hint of a sunflower, it was clear what, or who, the inspiration was going to be. The painstakingly crafted pieces, works of art themselves, were nearly literal incarnations of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings—Sunflowers and Starry Night, in particular—and perhaps as tormented.

With giant clusters of sunflowers across a skirt or swirls of night sky heaped on a shoulder, these creations emerged in a sweep of femininity. Each dress, skirt and pantsuit in chiffon, lace or silk was dreamier, more romantic than the last. When they weren’t printed or patterned a la Van Gogh, they came in lily greens, deep purples, blues or oranges, evoking the colors of his rich oeuvre, or our favorite, two-toned knit sweaters.

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