Ohne Titel

Alexa Adams and Flora Gill pulled off another triumphant collection at Ohne Titel this week. The designers couldn’t have asked for a better front row, packed full with industry vets like Carine Roitfeld, Stefano Tonchi, and Anna Wintour. The designers opened with bold red, working the monochromatic look we’ve been seeing this week to striking effect in a dynamic backless jumpsuit paired with a tan feather collar. Crocodile accessories also helped to offset the softness of the overall look.

The collection continued with a multitude of practical options for women, with Adams and Gill honing their signature color-blocking and tribalistic aesthetic into lightweight crop sweaters and printed silks. The most stunning pieces incorporated volume using a built-in cape-like effect, producing ethereal exits. Also, attention must be paid to how well the designers condensed their vision into 23 polished looks. When you have substance, you don’t need filler. 

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