Incense filled the air and rhythmic drumming formed the soundtrack at Thakoon’s collection, in a nod to India that would that have felt out of place in the grand ballroom of the Plaza Hotel had it not been the designer’s theme for spring. The gilded room felt even more appropriate when the first few looks, with no shortage of gold and metallic, made their way out. With floppy cloth hats, remade western shirt-dresses and cuts reminiscent of a cowgirl, the designer channeled his Southeast Asian roots, while incorporating a little bit of country. Delicious layered, sleeveless mini-dresses with abrupt collars came in saffron and amaranth, while more sleek, knee-length options in silk were embellished with beads or covered in paisley.

With bold colors, patterns and pairings, the line isn’t for the timid. The most notable example of black came as an ode to biker chic, a ranch vest with heart embroidery paired with a thigh-length dress. The best looks were flowing skirts in paisley, zigzag stripes or gold paired with sleeveless cotton shirts, an embellished trench or a halter bra—a combination reminiscent of a modern sari. For all the thrills and frills throughout the decadent show, it was also a beautiful display of careful craftsmanship and a reminder that it’s okay to add a little, or a lot, of color to our lives. 

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