From the first look on a doll-faced Arizona Muse, it was plain to see that Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton, better known as Preen, were going girly this season. Pixelated and color-blocked prints (literally blocks) in every cheery shade, from hot pink to sky blue, showed up on prim pencil skirts, sweaters and collared blouses. Speaking of collars, a ruffled peter pan made an appearance, as did ruffled cuffs and hems, plus mini-peplums that didn’t seem clownish.

Then came lace, first in white, then in black, along with a series of pared-down dresses and suits in a smattering of pastels perfect for a summertime work wardrobe—if your workplace is more art gallery than office cubicle. The drop-waist dresses that closed the show in black-and-white floral prints will be a hit with the Preen faithful. You’ve got to hand it to the British designers for serving up loud ideas in very plausible ways.

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